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elastic_WOODSCRAPER I | Weingartner Architects



Weingartner Architects proudly introduces the elastic_WOODSCRAPER I.

Architect Weingartner has worked throughout his 20-year career to address the issues of climate change, social alienation, finite resources and rapid urbanisation. Through his designs he aims to develop new sustainable and social alternatives to traditional construction, realising a building with the following qualities:

  • a dense yet fun, free and sharing way of life in harmony with nature;
  • a minimal carbon footprint, saving resources and promoting energy independence;
  • affordable housing for everyone, everywhere;
  • an emotional icon for our cities that inspires true pride and confidence.

Inspired by the principles of sustainable design, this hybrid residential, leisure and office tower harnesses the power of renewable energy and natural resources. The result is an impressive off-grid ‘woodscraper’ powered by wind, solar and a CHP-combined heat and power station.

Up to 300 people can live, work and play together in this affordable and sustainable community, with a street-level cafe, a gym, an urban farming club and an e-mobility club. Further, each Skycube features a rooftop sun terrace with a playground, an urban garden, a whirlpool and sauna, a barbecue and stunning panoramic views.

The Structure

More than just a distinguishing mark on the landscape, the slim 200m tower features up to fourteen Skycubes soaring from a central concrete core. Each light wooden Skycube is pre-fabricated and mounted on site, with up to twelve elastic_LIVING apartments over three floors. The affordable apartments offer up to 225m2 of living space featuring a living area, a wellness bathroom and a private room.
The slender concrete core contains up to four elevators, fire stairs and risers for plumbing and power. The core is covered seamlessly with high-viscosity, self-compacting, ornamental concrete panels, maximizing the density of white pigments to co-ordinate with the hybrid tower.

The Skycube structure is enveloped by a smart triple glass skin that changes light transmission properties when voltage is applied. This reduces heating, air-conditioning and lighting costs and removes the need for motorised light screens, blinds or curtains.

When the smart central control system senses the absence of occupants in an elastic_LIVING space, control of the lighting elements shifts to a secondary network, which unifies and orchestrates individual lights to show three-dimensional light choreography. The constant and essential negotiation between spaces in use and spaces under artistic control will give the illusion of the elastic_WOODSCRAPER as a living and evolving organism.

The Construction Proces

The concrete core is built first, with or without a lobby, and then the Skycubes are raised into place using a crane. Depending on sales progress, the Skycubes are mounted from top to bottom. This process reduces risk for investors, builders and buyers, avoids vacancies and speeds up the project, while also ensuring that first investors get top Skycubes.

The elastic_WODDSCRAPER I is one of the first buildings in the world to embrace energy independence, relying on wind turbines, solar power, geothermal power and a Combined Heat and Power station (CHP) to meet energy needs. Under-floor heating, heat recovery ventilation systems, LED lighting and free wifi can all be managed by Smart Home software, providing comfort, safety and energy efficiency via a smartphone app.

Architect Weingartner, along with his local architects, will customise elastic_LIVING spaces for clients according to local climate, culture, comfort, construction codes and preferred materials.


Mid- and high-rise buildings have traditionally been constructed from concrete and steel. While they are excellent materials for such structures, it is estimated that the production of concrete alone accounts for around 5% of global carbon emissions – five times the carbon footprint of the airline industry.

The elastic_WOODSCRAPER I demonstrates that there is an ecologically sound alternative, using an abundant and durable building material manufactured by nature itself. With climate change a very real concern, wood is fast becoming the best option for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and storing carbon in our buildings. As we pursue solar and green energy solutions, we must also take note of the beautiful, strong and, most importantly, renewable material that surrounds us.

Wood has typically been restricted to a minor role in large-scale construction projects, taking a back seat to concrete and steel largely due to misconceptions around its vulnerability to fire. But, as CNN writes, wood is being transformed by dedicated architects and engineers to become the material of choice for large structures.

Architect Weingartner’s elastic_WOODSCRAPER I design redefines the discussion on the place of timber in the world’s skylines, highlighting the capability of mass timber structures to meet fire and safety needs while remaining a highly cost-competitive and sustainable investment.

Other prominent examples include the Tallwood skyscrapers of Vancouver designed by Michael Green and the Life Cycle Tower One in Vorarlberg, Austria. The latter, built in 2009 by Rhomberg Bau, Hermann Kaufmann and the Upper Austrian timber construction company Wiehag, has been described as ‘close to the ultimate green building’ because of its high energy efficiency and CO2 balance during both construction and operation.

Angelo Roventa´s elastic_LIVING

elastic_LIVING is a concept of habitat in motion, a system of fluid modular elements allowing you to create and personalise your living space.

Room functions can be chosen to fit your lifestyle, from living rooms and kitchens to home offices and gyms. Set along a rail, each room simply slides away when not in use, letting you ‘switch off’ the space you’re not using.

See elastic_LIVING inn action below or visit designer Angelo Roventa’s website for more.

Fire & Safety

The elastic_WOODSCRAPER is equipped with a 24/7 automatic fire alarm system and an automatic smart sprinkler system.

The main escape route is via the pressure-ventilated fire-safe stairs in the concrete core. There are two separate emergency descents on both sides which can be used as escape routes, installed along the outer supporting steel columns.

All structural wooden construction parts are treated with a special fireproof coating. According to the Association of the Austrian Wood Industry, there is no statistical evidence to support a link between wood construction and incidences of fire and related loss. On the contrary, wooden structures were often assessed more positively than their ‘non-combustible’ counterparts overall.


Agricultural Production Building on Farmland or Home Office Studios in Commercial Zoning or Residential Building in Residential Area.

Estimated Apartment Costs
One elastic_LIVING Apartment

Description: 110-225m2 living area, fully equipped and ready to move in.
Cost: Approximately €149.000-€299,000 (excludes VAT)
VAT rates estimated for Germany (France: factor 0.96; UK: factor 0.83; Vietnam: factor 0.4).
One Skycube

Description: One Skycube consists of three floors, six to twelve apartments and a terrace.
One concrete core consists of three floors, stairs and two lifts, including steel construction.
Cost: Approximately €1.5million (excludes VAT)
Prices do not include land purchase costs, agent fees, notary fees, consultancy fees or taxes. All details are provided without guarantee and should be used only as a guideline.
Estimated Construction Time
Core construction: Three months
Skycube delivery and installation: Two weeks

Thank you to all the people who help to dream, design and build this wonderful project !