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The Village School | Weingartner Architects

The Village School

The Village School

Education is the most important value for a community to uphold, but it is often neglected. When the educational needs of children are not met, the potential of the community also remains unfulfilled. The Village School design aims create a new type of school to help children master the skills necessary to build successful lives and strong communities.

The Village School is not just a place to work. It is an inviting and rewarding environment for students and teachers, with space for learning, playing and growing together. It is a place where children are nurtured and empowered and can learn skills for a better life.

The school is designed for 550 pupils from 6-16 years old. To avoid a feeling of anonymity in such a large school, it is necessary to divide it into more manageable sections, or ‘clusters’. Led by teams of three teachers, these clusters each contain three classrooms, three group activity rooms and a staff room. This allows ample space for valuable learning and building social relationships, while still maintaining a place as part of the wider school community.

The clusters are arranged around a ‘village square’, which acts as a central point to unite the various learning clusters. Other common social areas such as a kitchen, a dining area, a theatre, a media centre and several lounges facilitate social interaction between children, allowing them to learn and grow together.

The school sits in an elevated position, signifying the importance of education and the sacred transition of knowledge. Locally-sourced wood is used as a symbol of growth and in respect to nature as a powerful source of learning. Energy autonomy is achieved with strong insulation, controlled ventilation, solar power, wind power and geothermal heating.


  • Educational freedom for children to develop their own individual talents in an open, healthy and playful environment
  • High-quality school buildings with state-of-the-art learning facilities, based within the familiar surroundings of a welcoming village square.
  • Innovative, economic and efficient use of space.
  • Safe and welcoming spaces requiring very little maintenance so that resources can be focused on education.
  • Awareness of outdoor space, with a central and visible village square and views of surrounding nature and countryside from the school’s elevated position.
  • Sustainability through energy self-sufficiency, locally-sourced materials and renewable resources.

Design Concept: Architekt DI Leonhard Weingartner
Design Presentation: Architect Angelo Ferrara
Model & Graphics: Architect Viviana Schimmenti
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