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Social Centre

Social Centre

To address the increasing demand for elderly care, this design for the new Sozialzentrum in Wattens proposes a suspended building with two distinct layers. The ground floor provides dedicated treatment space for counselling and group therapy, as well as common areas such as the living room and kitchen, a bar and a chapel. The upper level provides private living space for residents and those requiring assisted living care.

Through the re-imagining open spaces, the design integrates the new building with existing facilities such as the local church and secondary school, the music school and the sports centre. The current pedestrian area is extended to the church’s main square and into the heart of the Sozialzentrum, and a new pedestrian path is opened from here to the music school. Not only does this allow the elderly to reach the church safely, but the extended and renewed square also functions as a social space allowing residents to interact with other residents and non-residents alike.

The building is arranged around a large courtyard. Those requiring assisted living care are provided with 55sqm apartments with independent access while all other residents are housed in single and double rooms, consisting of a living-bedroom space and a private bathroom. Furniture and amenities are designed to be fully accessible to those with disabilities, allowing residents to live safely and independently. It is also possible, through the use of built-in sliding panels, to transform single rooms into larger rooms to accommodate guests and couples.