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Mumut Performing Arts Centre | Weingartner Architects

Mumut Performing Arts Centre

Mumut Performing Arts Centre

“……theatre is free, public, political, emotional, everlasting, entertaining, irreplaceable, questioning, a concentration of life, a perpetual revolution.”

Gerhard Brunner, Director of the Opera Graz

The Mumut Performing Arts Centre is an abstract box covered with a layer of glass panel skin. It sits atop a concrete platform, reminiscent of a Greek temple, and is surrounded by water. To cross the water is to transition from everyday life to a world of artistic beauty.

Inside, three pneumatic performance chambers are suspended from the primary structure and illuminated with LED lighting. The chambers are modular and flexible, able to change in height to host a variety of different events. A central concrete box hosts circulation, while another glass box holds office and service space to the rear.

A Word from the Architect

“As an architect, I am interested in building space for the arts. Art is free and exciting, and I wanted to design for the artists and their audience a good home”.

The design was my first submission to a European architectural competition and I was supported by Professors Brullmann, Jormakka and Alsop of the Technical University of Vienna, where this project also served as my thesis. Since then, the synthesis of art and technology has been a guiding principle in all of my work.

I took great pride in personally producing and delivering all engineering, calculations plans, detailing, visualisations, 3D animations and models and would like to extend my gratitude to all those who supported me in doing so.”
Architect Leonhard Weingartner