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Architectural Services



Our work is driven by the belief that the quality of our environment has a direct influence on the quality of our lives. We see architecture as a holistic discipline, concerned with everything from the functional and aesthetic performance of a building to its cultural and environmental context.

We are committed to bringing wholly sustainable design to the forefront of architectural discussion and collaborate extensively with industry leaders across the globe to realise this goal. Our multi-disciplinary teams have a strong reputation for delivering the most innovative integrated projects across Europe, North America and Asia, leading the way in sustainability and energy independence.

Design Leadership

Weingartner Architects offers a full design leadership service, acting on behalf of the client as a non-partisan co-ordinator. We are able to unite all disciplines into one team with a clear leadership structure, providing clarity of goals and priorities and ensuring the efficient completion of projects on time and within budget.


We have long been known for our innovation in the design industry, owing to the culture of creativity and discovery that we channel into our research. Our key aim is to meet complex challenges head-on and devise solutions that positively impact the world around us. We believe that this strive for good does not need to compete with the strategic goals of the corporate world, and that great design can bring the two together in harmony.

In addition to conducting our own outcome-focused research, Weingartner Architects provides a strategic research planning service, developed in response to the unique challenges our clients face. Created in partnership with businesses and academic, industry and governmental research bodies worldwide, the service delivers technical excellence to our clients and demonstrates the strength and value of our international network.

Feasibility Studies

Weingartner Architects can conduct feasibility studies for projects of any size. This begins with a site analysis and evaluation to determine its suitability for the project in question, followed by a building code and zoning review to ensure full compliance.

Site and building programming is then documented to determine the aesthetics and function of interior and exterior space and a conceptual design is developed. An initial construction estimate is generated, based on Gross Floor Area and using industry cost standards. Finally, presentation-standard documents are generated for submission to relevant approval bodies.


Our approach to masterplanning is built on years of insight into the interdependence of urban systems and communities. We also consider the effects of global issues, such as climate change and economic uncertainty, on the future of our cities. Thus, we aim for sustainable design with a positive influence on wellbeing, work and lifestyle.

Our masterplan visions include Saigon South, a 433-hectare expansion of Ho Chi Minh City designed to address the problem of overcrowding in major cities, and Hoan Kiem Lake, a fully self-sufficient city for 20,000 people.

Delivery and Implementation

Weingartner Architects has an impressive track record that lends confidence to investors in urban development, consistently delivering plans that meet regulatory approval and go on to successful implementation.

Cost Management & Quantity Surveying

We can provide cost management and quantity surveying services on a vast range of construction projects. Our specialists are an integral part of the design and project management team, contributing an in-depth knowledge of built environment design, project performance and life-cycle analysis. Further, they share our commitment to responsible and sustainable development.

Design Decisions and Cost Control

The capital cost of a construction project is largely determined by decisions made by the client and their design team. Weingartner Architects knows that the best results come from informed decisions, which can only be achieved by a fully-integrated approach. As full project team members, we can offer unparalleled expertise in forecasting and reporting to ensure the client’s aspirations are realised while costs are kept under control.

Cost Planning and Value Management

Cost planning and value management include the evaluation of alternative designs against the client’s value criteria for function, quality and durability. The evaluation techniques enable the project team to optimise the design within the client’s budget.

Procurement, Tendering and Contract Administration

From project conception to design development, our global project team can offer expert advice on procurement and tendering methods. We can provide support in managing the entire procurement process, from tenderer selection through tender evaluation to the awarding of contracts. In addition, we can manage post-contract administration, including the finalisation of accounts and potential dispute resolution.


Extraordinary projects require an extraordinary approach.

At Weingartner Architects, we offer bespoke services incorporating a wide range of media to maximise exposure and raise the profile of properties. This includes print advertising, brochures and catalogues, video and podcast production, online marketing, press relations and event management, all on a local, national or international level as required.

Contact us to find out how your property can benefit from our comprehensive bespoke marketing programmes.

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is transforming the way we design cities and buildings. With digital collaboration tools becoming increasingly sophisticated, we can simulate, evaluate and refine any aspect of a design’s performance in the early stages.

This intelligent project model allows us to create a virtual prototype for smarter construction. This helps the project team to assess the implications, constraints and opportunities of their design choices and brings greater precision to project feasibility, costing and scheduling. It also brings considerable gains in terms of the sustainability of construction and operation.

At its best, this method allows information to flow freely between architects, engineers, technical specialists, owners and operators to promote productive and open working relationships. Our teams worldwide can collaborate more effectively to reduce design conflicts, produce more efficient designs in shorter time frames, optimise layouts and achieve greater energy efficiency.

Project Management

Our project management group provides in-house management expertise, allowing us to deliver an integrated service to clients throughout the life cycle of a project. Services include sub-consultancy, budgeting, cost management, programme and resource management, contract management and administration.

We can also provide an independent project management service, helping clients and multi-disciplinary teams around the world to define, plan, monitor and deliver high-quality projects on time and within budget.

Workplace Consultancy

From strategic brief development to detailed spatial analysis, our workplace consultancy helps us to develop solutions for a wide range of buildings and masterplans. Post-occupancy, we are able to conduct user surveys to help occupants enjoy their new space and to inform future design.

Visualisation & Film

Our design communications and visualisation teams work with the architects to produce everything from hand-drawn sketches to computer renderings, animations and motion graphics. As well as creating still images for use in exhibitions, publications and press, they are able to script, storyboard, score and direct short films, all of which can help a client to understand the essence of a project at its earliest stages.

Model Making

Models are the most effective medium for communicating design ideas and help architects to explore and refine complex design details.

We have modelling facilities in all of our worldwide offices, including three fully-equipped model shops in London, each supported by a team of highly experienced model makers: a sketch model shop, an integrated workshop and a state-of-the-art industrial facility capable of producing large-scale masterplan models and mock-ups.


Our design team has created exquisite interiors spanning the entire property spectrum, from private homes to office towers, from art galleries to industrial buildings.

We aim to create buildings that are as impressive inside as they are outside. We thoroughly assess how the client will use the space and select a co-ordinated scheme of light, colour and material with complementary furnishings and art to create a fitting environment that works in harmony with the exterior.