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Fire Station 2 | Weingartner Architects

Fire Station 2

Fire Station 2

The site for the new Lustenau fire station is an urban area surrounded by amenities including an elementary school, a sports centre, a parking area and a bike path. The aim of the design is to integrate the station into the current landscape by way of re-imagining the public space.

A new urban park will be built between the elementary school and the fire station, with a secure pedestrian footpath system to ensure children can travel between them safely. The bike path will be extended to reach the fire station, the school and the sports centre, creating an easy-to-navigate space for all citizens.

The building itself will have a reinforced, high-resistance concrete foundation.On top of this, a prefabricated wooden and brick structure will be assembled, part-cantilever suspended in the main entrance space. This volume will be covered with laminated wooden horizontal louvres on a grid of anodised aluminium.

Activity will be split across two levels. First responder functions will occupy the ground floor along with the strategically-placed command room, centre of operations and response vehicle parking. The first floor will feature offices, classrooms, recreational facilities and conference spaces.

The basement will used for storage and power. The building will be highly energy-efficient, powered by a condensing boiler with solar thermal generation which will also heat the hot water supply.

Interior rooms and training rooms will rely on an efficient ventilation system with a high degree of recovery. The response vehicle parking space will use a ground-extraction system for exhaust emissions and a sliding plant with hose attachments for flue gas discharge.

The electricity system will provide a safe and reliable power supply, supported by an emergency generator. Data cabling and alarm circuits in conjunction with an electromagnetic acoustic system are designed to meet the specific needs of a fire station.