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“architecture has this potential to change the world …..that you take a wild idea and pure fiction and you turn it into a fact. First everybody thinks its insane and then it becomes everyday reality. Architecture is the power to make the world a little bit more like our dreams…….” Bjarek Ingels

”each design is originated from the unconcealed structure and gradually becomes art. This principle withstands all critics and explains every art form to us ” Otto Wagner

driven to solve the problems of climate change , social alienation, end of resources in a rapid urbanization environment I have designed a new social and sustainable alternative to our traditional construction methods and ways of life – I have worked consistently in the last 20 years in order to reach the position to realize this elastic_WOODSCRAPER II with 4 new and necessary qualities for future highrise Towers:

– a dense and yet fun, free and sharing way of life with nature
– a tiny carbon footprint fit for our grand children, saving resources & energy independence
– an emotional  icon for our cities that makes us all confident and really, truly proud
– affordable housing for everyone everywhere

I am now proud to introduce the elastic_WOODSCRAPER II design to you…. an affordable-, dense-, low maintenance, off grid Residential-Leisure- Office Tower made 70% in wood with up to 8 minimal skycubes on a landscaped shared space with a lobby, a cafe, a gym, an urban farming club and an e.mobility club.

More than a distinguishing mark on the landscape, this slim hybrid Tower with a height of up to 180 meter aims to become an attractive meeting point for the Community and a fun new way of life for the Residents. On a small site with a small footprint up to 300 people can live, play and work together . Why 300 people? Because history shows that 300 people build a happy, strong lasting community that works.

The design of the elastic_WOODSCRAPER II consists of up to 8 light strong wooden Skycubes – each equipped with 15 elastic_LIVING®Apartments by Angelo Roventa on 3 floors, locally sourced,  lifted and stacked in zig zag manner, cantilevered off from a hidden central RConcrete core – almost flying effortless above the shared Lobby Cube. The Skycubes are prefabricated, mounted on site. Each elastic_LIVING Apartment offers up to 225 M2 (!) Living Area, a Wellness Bathroom, a Private Room, 360 degree Panorama Views and Rooftop Terrace on top of each Skycube with an Urban Garden ( , Playground, Whirlpool & Sauna, Sun Terrace & Barbecue for the Residents and their guests .

The unconcealed Wood Skycube Space Grid Structure is protected by an advanced smart triple smart structural glazing envelope that changes light transmission properties under the application of voltage. The glass skin saves costs for heating, air-conditioning and lighting and avoids the cost of installing and maintaining motorized light screens or blinds or curtains. An integrated LED matrix inside the skycube envelope gives artificial Light and communicates: As soon as the central control system senses the absence of human users in an elastic_WOODSCRAPER II space, it shifts the control of the building’s lighting elements to a secondary network, which unifies all individual lights and orchestrates them to show comprehensive three-dimensional light choreography. The negotiation between spaces “actually” in use and those spaces taken over by the artistic control will be a constant and essential aspect – those residents and users who actually live in the space blur and distort the perfect picture and the illusion of the elastic_WOODSCRAPER II as a some kind of coordinated organism.

The slender RConcrete core will contain up to 5 smart elevators, 2 scissor fire stairs and risers for plumbing and power.

Construction Process – The RCore is built with/without underground parking garage. The skycubes are assembled on ground floor and will be equipped with/without 6 elastic_LIVING® units by Angelo Roventa. A crane on top pulls the skycubes in its positions.  There it will be mounted ad is ready to use. According to sales progress the skyboxes are delivered, built, raised and mounted from bottom to top. This smart supply on demand process reduces the risk for the investor, builder and buyers, avoids vacancies.

In the end of the 1970ies the Viennese Architekt Heidulf Gerngross developed  a “Volksbuch”  that continued the supremacist ideology of El Lissitzky by an independent digital alphabet replacing our Alphabet and originated from variations of right angles and Golden sections.This Room Alphabet is sandblasted on glas, printed in concrete painted on furniture, burned in wood and  stitched in textile as kind of a leitmotif of the elastic_WOODSCRAPER artwork.

Following global zero energy politics the elastic_WOODSCRAPER II is also one of the world´s off grid highrise Towers : The design features floor heating, a CHP – Combined Heat and Power station,  an automatic heat recovery ventilation system, wind turbines, solar panels, an air thermal heat pump,  LED light and free WIFI.  A Smart Home software will provide comfort, safety and the efficient use of energy on a smartphone app without endangering privacy or freedom. This smartpphoe app enables the residents to control light and temperature and to move the elastic living units in the following 6 operating modes:

1       all on
2       body care
3       cooking
4       working
5       living
6       sleeping

Together with my local Architect I will mass customize the  elastic_WOODSCRAPER for my clients and synchronize it with local context regarding climate , culture, comfort, construction codes, contruction standards and building materials.

Cost estimation

–        1 Skybox (incl. RCore and Steel Structure) fully furnished costs roundabout 4.431.000.- € before tax
–        3 level underground Parking Garage costs roundabout 10.078.000.-€ before tax
–        Lobby fully furnished costs roundabout 5.425.000.- € before tax

Prices in Germany 2015

For prices in other countries please multiply with the following factors:

Vietnam: 0,3 China: 0,4 France: 1,0 Switzerland: 1,3 Great Britain: 0,8 Poland & Estonia & Lithuania: 0,5 Slovakia & Czech Republique: 0,5 Finland: 0,9  Sweden: 1,3  Austria: 1,0 Italy: 0,7 Spain: 0,6 Turkey: 0,4 Hungary: 0,45

This Cost Estimation done by

Architekt Dipl. Ing. Alina Andreas

protected under the German Law for Architects

copyright by Architekt Dipl Ing Mrs Alina Andreas in 2015

forwarding or publishing only with written permission of Architekt Mrs Andreas

Design Philosophy

”each design is originated from the unconcealed structure and gradually becomes art. This principle withstands all critics and explains every art form to us.” Otto Wagner

“less is more.” Mies van der Rohe

“less is a bore” Robert Venturi

“i don´t look at a map where utopia is not located” Oscar Wilde

Floor Plans

Architectural Model

Fire & Safety

In the case of emergency 2 main escape ways lead the residents and visitors down the pressure ventilated fire safe stairs in the RConcrete Core. A state of the art emergency evacuation system lets all residents reach a safe place outside in emergencies.

Structural Wooden Construction parts receive special fireproof coating
elastic_WOODSCRAPER II is equipped with a 24/7 automatic Fire Alarm System and an advanced smart automatic sprinkler system to kill fires right where they start.

For the Association of the Austrian Wood Industry pro Holz Austria the critical classification of wood construction and the resulting rejection in authority regulations has often “purely emotional reasons.” Neither national nor international fire statistics would allow the suspicion of a link between wood and  the number of cases of fire or amounts of losses. On the contrary, in the overall analysis wooden houses were  sometimes assessed  in case of fire more positive than constructions of non-combustible materials because the flammability is not the only criterion for the fire resistance of a structure.


Agricultural Production Building on Farmland or Home Office Studios in Commercial Zoning or Residential Building in Residential Area

Project Motivation

mid rise and tall buildings around the globe have been constructed in concrete and steel, two excellent materials for this function . However, in the challenging age of Climate Change, it is imperative that we change our construction industry, as studies reveals that “concrete production represents roughly 5% of world carbon dioxide emissions, the dominant gas for clima change. In essence the production and transportation of concrete represents more than five times the carbon footprint of the airline industry as a whole.

The elastic_WOODSCRAPER II introduces a new way of constructing tall buildings with a renewable, durable and strong building material that is manufactured by nature. Wood may be the best option for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and storing carbon in our buildings.

My Design for the elastic_WOODSCRAPERredefines the discussion of where we will see customized Mass Timber in the future of the world’s skylines. As we pursue the solar and green energy solutions we must consider that we are surrounded by a building material that is manufactured by nature, a material that is beautiful, renewable, durable, strong and safe.  Mass timber structures are capable of meeting fire and life safety needs while staying within cost competitive marketplace conditions. Since the innovation and development of steel and concrete as construction materials, the combination of which would spawn the birth of the skyscraper, megastructures, and everything in between, wood as a building material has been, generally, marginalized as simple construction ephemera and to furnishing their plush interiors.With its long association with craftsmanship, wood must, in current world markets, fulfill the dual performative roles of simulating domesticity, promising both “warmth” and “familiarity”, and artistry. Implicit in this same history wood’s vulnerability to fire is probably the single greatest factor in restricting this material to smaller structures.

But change is coming, writes CNN, as wood has become transformed by a handful of dedicated Engineers and Architects and put to use in the service of large-scale structures. Examples include the Life Cycle Tower One in my home region Vorarlberg and Michael Green designed Tallwood skyscrapers in Vancouver or many new townhouses in the centers of London and Berlin. Together with Rhomberg Bau, Vorarlberg Architect Hermann Kaufmann and the Upper Austrian Wood Construction company Wiehag the Life Cycle Tower One has been built in 2009 and is called “unique in the world” and “close to the ultimate ‘green’ building ‘  because of its high energy efficiency and CO2 balance (during both construction and operation)

elastic_LIVING ® by Angelo Roventa

elastic_LIVING is a furniture system made in Austria by Angelo Roventa

follow this link to see elastic_LIVING in action !

elastic_LIVING brings the following innovations to your Life :

– optimize, move & multiply your space with a moving furniture system
– pay, clean and  air-condition 90 M2 and use  190 M2
– switch on/off the space you do not need
– scenarios: all on, sleeping, wellness,  eating, working, living
– live with lifestyle objects alone or with your friends & family
– fits in any space : old. new. big. small
– personalize your second skin – order your favourite surface and material
– mix your private life with your business life
– use it as your home office and get up to 50% tax deduction
– organize and enjoy your life in many modules
– have fun moving and lighting the stylish modules like treasure chests along the rail
– including toilet, sink, bath, shower, beds, work space, closets, kitchen & storage
– move them manually or upgrade them to move them with your smartphone app
– delivered, assembled and ready to use in min. 4- 6 weeks after online order
– we always keep innovating – keep in touch for new module

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