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Elastic Living

Elastic Living

elastic_LIVING is a concept of habitat in motion, a system of fluid modular elements allowing you to create and personalise your living space.

The concept of elastic_LIVING was developed by Architect Angelo Roventa in response to his observations on social housing, in particular the lack of space and the radical increase in land prices across city centres worldwide. He says:
“I tried to include the perhaps philosophical aspect, the time factor and seriality, in the planning and implementation,” he says. “A man can not be in two places at the same time. We also have different needs in different phases of life. And these needs tend increasingly toward separation.”

The ingredients for elastic_LIVING? A room of at least 40sqm with a modular furniture system. Room functions can be chosen to fit your lifestyle, from living rooms and kitchens to home offices and gyms. Set along a rail with the bathroom and kitchen fixed at either end, each internal room performs its function when opened and simply slides away when not in use, letting you ‘switch off’ the space you’re not using.

Affordable Housing

One significant benefit of elastic_LIVING lies in affordable housing provision. With land prices at a premium, elastic_LIVING offers expandable living space of up to 155sqm from just a 40sqm land footprint – three times the space for the same cost.

Energy Efficiency

With elastic_LIVING, only 40sqm of space needs to be heated, cooled, lit, ventilated and cleaned at any one time. The elastic_LIVING unit combined with the Passive House Standard room is perfectly sustainable, offering luxury with the highest level of thermal comfort and air quality. The impressively low power consumption amounts to no more than the annual energy output of a fridge-freezer.

Urban Planning

On one 155sqm plot of land, four elastic_LIVING apartments can be built with a total of 155sqm living space each. This means a reduction in gross floor area of up to 75%. The units blend well in neighbourhoods with high population density, enriching the urban space in both social and economic terms.


Units are completely barrier-free and can be adapted to all accessibility needs, making elastic_LIVING suitable for anyone and everyone.


The ‘home office’culture is a sensible approach to reducing traffic volume and energy consumption and is well-facilitated by elastic_LIVING. Units can be fitted with office space that can be used during business hours and simply ‘stored away’ afterwards. The flexible module concept offers a number of options, such as an additional meeting space that can be used while the office is stored away for security.


Studies on residential behaviour suggest that 60-70% percent of the apartments will be created for singles or couples and will typically have 50sqm of living space. Originally, Roventa conceived elastic_LIVING with single men as the target audience, but noted that women seemed especially impressed by the project. Also, seniors who wished to ‘downsize’ showed keen interest, attracted to the idea of simplifying their lives without having to leave the urban environment.

Art Becomes Life

At the 2013 Milan Furniture Fair, Architect Roventa showed just how well art and life could mix. Until then, elastic_LIVING had been showcased exclusively as an artistic project, but the fair marked a successful entrance onto the market. In Dornbirn, Austria, the first elastic_LIVING unit was installed in a Vogewosi building project, much to the delight of its happy tenant!

Hotel owner and architect Armin Kathan of Innsbruck has established a luxury version of the concept for his apartment house in Upper Lech. He says:

“I was immediately convinced of the wisdom of creating a space a multiplying it.”

Up until recently, the sliding mechanism was hand-controlled. But Kathan’s apartment features full electronic control, allowing guests to direct the space via a smartphone application.

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Please see the Project Information box at the top of this page for contact information. We require an existing floor plan, ceiling height and photos of your living area to enable us to tailor our design to your space.
Thank you for your interest, and thank you to everybody who has helped to dream, design and build elastic_LIVING!

Thank you to all the people who help to dream, design and build elastic_LIVING